GameCompare is Bad for TrueAchievements, and here is why.

When I first saw the game price feature shortly after I joined TrueAchievements, I had wondered what it could be based on. After all, the prices never seemed to align with what I could find games for online. They seemed to wildly vary, but for the most part they were well over the actual value of the game. Some were also wildly under, but that doesn't mean it evens out. Today, I'll give a runthrough of bad prices shown by GameCompare, and I'll explain why I believe TA shouldn't use it. Now, this is just my opinion, so please don't hurt me.

Most Expensive Games
A quick look at the most expensive games TA is tracking on GameCompare should be enough to show that something is wrong. Some games that are fairly valuable are there, mixed in with random games with little-to-no value. I'll list some off, and explain just how wrong they are.
If you have this, you can easy make $232, right??
First off, the most expensive game of all on the 360/One is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Valued at $232, this game is gonna run you a fortune it seems. Fortunately for collectors, a quick search on Amazon shows that the game can be bought for a little under $10 after shipping and tax. Then again, the most valued game is bound to be a fluke, correct? Unfortunately, this isn't true as #2 and #3 show. 
Mortal Kombat is actually tied with Harry Potter while Assassin's Creed is the runner-up with a respectable $174 cost.

These two games are more common than Harry Potter, clearly, but according to GameCompare, while run you about $400 for the pair. Strangely, a quick Amazon search showed Assassin's Creed with a $2.15 price tag while Mortal Kombat will run you about $9. I'm not sure what GameCompare is using for these prices, but it clearly isn't right. Then again, the top three are likely all flukes, correct? You would think, but the area around $30 shows more missteps.

Hmm, this one must have jumped in price after Forza Horizon 3 came out??

I won't go too far into detail with each game here, but among (seemingly, my "head prices" might be a bit out of date) correctly priced games like DiRT 3, Blur, and Crash Mind Over Mutant are overpriced games like Forza Motorsport 2, Fighter Within, Star Wars the Force Unleashed II, All-Pro Football 2K8, and Skate 2. None of these are priced over $10 just about ever, with the exception of Star Wars the Force Unleashed II and Skate 2 which can sometimes bump up to $15 or so.

Poor TA Integration 

With over 100000 TrueAchievement per dollar, Truth or Lies is nearly the best value in gaming, second only to Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.

Due to the crazy prices of some games on GameCompare, the Rating/$ and TA/$ measures on the "Game Prices" page are inaccurate. This is specifically highlighted by two games, Truth or Lies and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. Valued at just 1 cent each, They both have over 100 in Rating/$ and over 100000 in TA/$. Personally, I think that a limit should be imposed on these the numbers cannot go over the rating or TA value of the game. That would fix the integration problems fairly well, except for the poor values used by GameCompare.

In addition to this, it seems like the majority of games do not even have a GameCompare price. This makes the "Game Prices" page fairly useless for finding new games to buy. I think this shows that the system used by GameCompare is incredibly inferior, as even years-old games are not tracked. I don't think the issues with GameCompare can be fixed in any way except for dropping it. 

TrueAchievements should not be using GameCompare, due to their inaccuracy in tracking and their lack thereof; the system is too flawed at this point. Prices are generally either sky high or far too low, and their lack of tracking makes me question how often the system is updated. I don't think that TA should use GameCompare at all at this point, as it has shown itself to be nearly unusable in its current state.