Top 10 Worst Xbox Achievement Lists Out There

There are literally thousands of different games with achievements, some good, some not so good. For the most part, the lists are pretty average, not worth mentioning. Occasionally a good list will come along that offers a fair challenge, while still being fun throughout the whole game. More often, however, a bad apple will show up that leaves a sickening taste in the mouth of the gamer. Today, I've decided to round up the absolute worst I could find. If you disagree with a couple, be sure to tell me! I probably missed quite a few. 

Dishonorable Mentions
All the NEOGEO games
Need For Speed 2015
Quake II
Hellboy: The Science of Evil/Naruto: Rise of a Ninja
Naughty Bear
Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1/2
ATV Renegades

10. Let's Golf 2 (WP)/Just Dance 2016 (Xbox 360)
Unobtainables are sadly a common thing these days, and if you only have 1 or 2 it usually wouldn't be enough for your game to get on this list. That being said, these games had unobtainable achievements not due to glitches in the achievements themselves. The features relating to these achievements were completely non-existent. In the case of Let's Golf 2, a cheat code entry (why is this an achievement anyway?) And for Just Dance 2016, VIPs on the dance floor (I haven't played it, so I'm not too sure what that means). I can usually forgive an unobtainable if it gets patched, but neither of these were, and for good reason - they couldn't be. They were advertising a feature that didn't exist. 

9. Yoostar 2
This one just makes me mad. There were achievements for getting 500000, 1 million, and 2.5 million fame points. These were also needed (or not, 1 guy has them and it looks to be legit, wonder how) for 2 achievements for doing all scenes and backgrounds. The catch? Watching a video would get you 1 fame point, and while the boosts store was online, 3 for 30 minutes. Nobody even got 500000 fame points before the servers were shut down, getting rid of all the online achievements and fame points. This game will have an incredibly high ratio forever because of that. 
8. Need for Speed Carbon
What puts this game on the list isn't the unobtainable or the fact it never got patched despite being an AAA game, it is that combined with the fact you had to beat a moderator to get one achievement. No, not beat someone who has beaten one. Nope, you have to be lucky enough to find a moderator playing the game, and then, considering they would likely be some of the best players, beat them. This achievement took either a strange combination of luck and skill, or praying that a moderator will play with you so you could get it.

At least this is a good game, barring the achievement list.
7. Every game with a #1 in the world achievement
These just piss me off. A few games come to mind when talking about these (Kane & Lynch, Ghost Recon, Lost Planet 2) I'm all for challenging achievements, assuming they aren't completely impossible or too luck-based. That being said, these and the other games just cross the line. You have to be #1 in the world for an achievement? I understand having a ranking achievement (fine by me) but a #1 achievement promotes extreme boosting, extreme anti-boosting, and a ton of boycotters. Games should not have a #1 in the world achievement. Period.

I wanted to make a LazyTown joke but I didn't. Enjoy.
6. Avatar the Last Airbender: Burning Earth
While I'm fine with a game having few achievements (or easy ones) I believe that at least some effort should be put into making them. This is the laziest, most thrown-together list I've ever seen. THQ decided to only track one stat, and make that the entire basis of every achievements. To add to that, they didn't even make it relatively hard to unlock any of them. For that reason, this game has an awful list.
This screenshot came 23 seconds before the 1000g was earned.

5. Tempest
This game is on here because it appears to be nearly impossible. Nobody has gotten the last achievement years after release, and even after nearly 10 years, only 8 people have gotten 11/12. On TA, it states around 600 people have the game, but I suspect it is much higher due to many people saying it is nearly impossible to even get one achievement. If you try this, you probably won't even get 1 achievement before you quit. In case you were wondering, you have to reach round 97 to get the last achievement. The highest anyone, with likely thousands who bought the game, has ever reached is round 51.
4. Cast of the Seven Godsends
I'm not entirely sure what the developers were thinking with this one. It seems they randomly assigned scores of 100, 10, or 1 gamerscore each with one achievement at 40 and one at 2. Not only this, but 8 out of the 42 achievements are unobtainable. 
3. Rayman Raving Rabbids
This might be old, but that doesn't give it a pass. It had a pretty awful list to begin with (XBL Vision Camera) and it required getting every game perfect. Even if you did get them perfect, which would take hours upon hours of annoying gameplay, the last 3 achievements were unobtainable. Shame too, I'm sure lots of people were really excited for this one. /s

This just describes my feelings towards this list.
2. Brick Breaker
This one is probably the hardest (likely) obtainable game in the entire catalog. To put it into perspective, the ratio for beating the game is 8.02. Now, want the 1000g? You have to do it in survival mode. At this time, only 4 people have beaten 10 levels in one go at survival mode, and just about everyone who has the game will tell you it has terrible level design and extremely inconsistent difficulty. I highly doubt anyone will complete this game.
1. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06
Well, this is it. The worst list. For some reason, the game only has 960g to start with, instead of 1000. Add on to this 2 unobtainable achievements (1 of which is a #1 in the world achievement, tying into #7), extremely grindy and unfun achievements (1000 matches online, and luck-based ones like 25 hole-in-ones and 50 eagles) and then had every achievement, even offline achievements, discontinued less than 2 years after the game was released. Add all of that together, and you have the worst achievement list ever.
You should be ashamed, Tiger.


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