Alphabet Challenge is Done!

Hey guys! I'm sorry this is so late, but I just finished exams so now I have time. There is no giveaway currently running but if there is one later you'll be informed. :P
This won't be a huge blog, as I'm just going to let you know what I ended up doing and how I did it.

Day One
Alpha Launch - Jetpac Refuelled
Back in the Fight - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
Can't Win - Microsoft Mahjong
Day one was a rough start. A and B were really easy, but it took me quite a while to both find a good C and execute it. After that, I completely failed to get D by playing the first mission in Frontlines: Fuel of War on easy. Bad times.
Day Two
Dual Fighter - Galaga
Experienced Jumper - Thomas Was Alone
Faster - Crash Time
Gate Review - Rare Replay
Here Comes a New Challenge! - TrackMania Turbo
Impossible Defense - The Orange Box (TF2)
All of these were really easy achievements. The "tough" one here was Experienced Jumper, which took me 15 minutes of jumping since I wasn't feeling up to playing through the game.
Day Three
Just Checking - Microsoft Sudoku
Keep on Giving! - Uno & Friends
Lightning Offense - The Orange Box (TF2)
Master of Controls - Splosion Man
Newbie - Microsoft Mahjong
On Second Thought - Microsoft Mahjong
Painless! - Rayman Origins
Qualifier - Race Pro
I spent most of day three with my friend Tyzirkle. We did achievements together until we left (we were both at P at that time). After that, I unlocked Painless and Qualifier fairly easily.
Day Four
Rabble Rouser - Gems of War
Set for Life - Hitman Absolution
The Real Tail End - Microsoft Mahjong
I had a few problems in day four. First, I couldn't find contracts for the Set for Life achievement, but they eventually came easily enough. Second, I had little time so I had no chance of getting more than a few achievements.
Day Five
Upgrade Master - Need for Speed Rivals
Viking - Blast Brawl 2
World Historian - Reagan Gorbachev
X Marks the Spot - Microsoft Sudoku
YDKJ 2015: Dat'll Do - Jackbox Party Pack
ZOMGinator - Bloons TD 5
Day five was both the last day and smooth sailing. ZOMGnator was a bit grindy but it wasn't difficult at all. I actually really enjoyed it.

Sorry this blog is so short. I'll be back pretty soon with a much better blog. Thanks! :)