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Hey guys! This is gonna be a really long blog post. I'm going to just reflect on some stats relating to my tag I found interesting.  I'm really working on improving my writing, and school is almost out so I will have the time I need to do so. I'll do my 2/2 for the Alphabet Challenge as soon as I'm finished, so be on the lookout!

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It isn't much right now, but I'm working on doing bigger giveaways for all of you. I'm not the richest person out there, but I can save some money when I need to.

Now, to the actual blog.  This one is gonna be huge, so be prepared. I'm going to look at various statistics on my tag, and just look back at them. I don't know how interesting this is gonna be, but I hope all of you enjoy.

The graphics are from my stats pages on TrueAchievements and GamerTagNation.

TrueAchievement by Month in 2016
Without looking, when would you guess I joined TrueAchievements? If you guessed October, give yourself a pat on the back. I didn't really care about or go for gamerscore until August, and it shows. In each month with the exception of June, I got less than 2.5k TrueAchievement each month. I played a lot, so that is saying something. I got my first gamerscore-only game in October, which was Ben-Hur. You could make an argument that Forza Horizon 2 Fast and Furious was gamerscore-only, but I really enjoyed it for $2.50. Even more amazingly, in November, I got 8000 TrueAchievement having only had 17000 before then. November is when I really began to excel in achievement hunting, and I began to think about it every day. I suppose a lot of it was hardwired into my brain due to frustration from 15 hours of ClusterTruck, but I digress. December was my best month of 2016, but this was mostly due to easy completions. In December, I completed Tennis in the Face, NBA 2K17 The Prelude, Forza Horizon 2 Fast & Furious (On Xbox One this time!) and 6180 the Moon. Not exactly the toughest roster.

5 Best Days (of All Time)

Like everyone else, I've had my ups and my downs. Sometimes, I can't get any achievements done in a day while sometimes I can get over a thousand gamerscore. These are my top 5 days, and what I think about them.
5. May 20th was a pretty crazy day, filled with gaming sessions, family gatherings, and free play days. What put this up on the list was likely me gaining the Minecraft Tumble achievements, as they have a huge ratio. I did 3/4 gaming sessions in one day, which is a very foreign concept to me. This was a crazy day, but I still scored a ton.
4. December 17th was boosted up here by NBA 2K17: The Prelude. I didn't really do much aside from that. I suppose I got 2 of the speedrun achievements in Mirror's Edge. December 17th doesn't really deserve to be up here.
3. I remember March 22nd pretty well. That day I was kind of sick, and I had won a code for This is the Police the day before, so I just played through it for like 8 hours straight. I was the first to unlock most of the achievements that I unlocked. Aside from that I started the Dropshot DLC in Rocket League, which still is pretty inflated. 
2. The 15th of January was more of a variety day. I did a lot of Fight Night Round 3, and I played Windows 10 games while I put on autopilot for Pit People. Combine all of that and you have an easy 1750 TrueAchievement.
1. December 29th was my best day of all time because I did most of Forza Horizon 2: F&F and got 700g in NHL 2K6. 2 easy games in one day easily meant this would be one of my highest scores.

Games Played by Genre
To be quite honest, I really just love racing games. I could play Burnout 3 for hours on end, playing road rage on Silver Lake with the first muscle car over, and over, and over, until I fall asleep. I'm a little bit surprised that only 25% of my games were racing. I do love shooters and platformers, so them being equal makes sense. If it was by time played, Mirror's Edge and Catalyst would probably cause platformers to win. I don't play shooters as much though. I usually try one out and give it up. The one category I am surprised about is Sports & Fitness. My best guess is that the Easter Egg Hunt had lots of related apps? Apps like NFL were probably counted. I think I should play some more racing, because 25% is really a low number for me. I still need a few games, like Blur, and Monster Jam. Once I get those, it might be more realistic.

Achievements Unlocked by Day of Week
This stat is probably the least surprising to me. I unlock the most Saturday because I have all day to do it, unlock a little less Sunday because of church, and even a little less Friday because I have school but I have all night. The rest of the days are pretty equal, and since I have school, I don't have the morning to unlock achievements for them. Still, they are surprisingly close, so does that mean I'm not efficient in the morning or something like that? 

Achievements Unlocked by Hour

Well, I guess I'm not efficient in the morning. I don't get hardly any achievements until 9AM and even then it isn't much until 12. That explains why my day of the week stats were so close. Somewhat funnily, it looks like I drop off at night, too. I think this is because I'm tired, done with hunting for the day, or I'm playing Forza Horizon 3. The most surprising statistic to me was 3AM-6AM, where I unlocked 2 achievements. That is practically the only time I'm guaranteed to be asleep, so I'd like to know what achievements I was working on then.

Well, that is it for now I hope you found these stats and my explanations for them pretty interesting. My blog post for the Alphabet Challenge will be done as soon as I finish the challenge. The giveaway is running, so you should go and enter that now!


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