Demetrios Review

Demetrios is some kind of mix between visual novel and point and click doused in humor. Most of the puzzles are fairly simple, although some of them are pretty obtuse. Sometimes the humor misses the mark or gets too gross for its own good, but there are a lot of lines that will leave you laughing. Demetrios is a pretty fun game, even if there isn't much to it. You have to collect items, talk your way out of deadly situations, and try to uncover why your house was broken into. While it isn't a big game, it is a good laugh and something I'd like to see more of.

As Demetrios is a mix of visual novel and point and click, you'll either be talking or figuring out a puzzle just about all of the time. Sometimes you're engaged in funny casual banter, and sometimes you're desperately trying to talk your way out of death. It's a fun time either way for the most part, although sometimes the jokes get a little gross which bugged me. Luckily there is a toilet humor filter at the beginning with the options of all of it, just a little, and none. You'll need full for a few of the game overs, but luckily after you finish there is a chapter select to mop them up.

The point and click mechanics in this are pretty simple, as you'll just need to find items, combine thems, and solve the occasional puzzle. Nothing is too hard, although sometimes I felt like the answer to a puzzle was a little obtuse and it would require using the hint system for nearly every player. Demetrios has a really cool hint system in my opinion that adds a small hidden object mechanic. Three cookies can be found on every screen and when eaten provide a hint as to what you're supposed to do.

One thing to mention is that there are quite a few minigames to play in this game, although none of them are much. They are a fun distraction for a minute at most.
The story begins with the main character Bjorn Thonen having his house and shop broken into and him deciding to investigate. Things quickly get crazy as both the story and how lazy Bjorn really can be are revealed. The story is fun to follow along with, although at the end it got a little too crazy for me. I think it could have been dialed down a bit and still have been fun. Don't get me wrong it was still fun, but it was just a bit overboard for me. If a sequel is ever planned, I'd prefer it to be more of the antics at the beginning, although either way it was funny and never a "boring" story.
Graphics and Sound
The game has pretty good screens, although you'll be seeing them a lot. Everything feels handmade but still really nice in a way that is hard to explain. There is one problem in my opinion, and that is the characters. None of them are nice to look at and they only have a few facial expressions each. The characters should have at least a few more facial expressions each.

The sound is where this game struggles as it is fairly obvious all the sounds are royalty-free. The sound effects are blatant and repetitive, coming after certain choices or lines. The music is fairly repetitive too, although it isn't as bad. The sound here is pretty annoying, although you'll get used to it quickly.
Demetrios currently has 36 achievements for 1000 gamerscore. You'll need full toilet jokes on for a couple, although you can mop them up after you finish the game. You can get all of the achievements in one playthrough, as they require you to make some specific choices, collect all the cookies, and collect all of the game overs. It is nothing too hard, and to me it was a fun list. A walkthrough would be best for this game however as you can pretty easily struggle if you're not sure where to find something.

I really enjoyed Demetrios, even if it had some problems. Sure the sounds weren't the best and some of the jokes missed the mark, but when it was funny it really was. I had quite a few good laughs and I really never felt bored. I'd definitely recommend Demetrios, as crazy as the story is. It is just an over-the-top fun game with good jokes always available for you to find.