SpeedRunners Review

Speedrunners was released on the 1st of June as a free title through the games with gold program, and offers competitive fast-paced gameplay with a high skill ceiling. The game can only be described as a party platformer with its 4-player competitive matches both online and offline, and its skill-based platforming gameplay with power-ups. Whether you are lacking any skill whatsoever or you are a pro at all things gaming, you will enjoy this game.

SpeedRunners features fast-paced easy to learn but hard to master platforming. You'll have to make use of your momentum as you quickly finish the story and continue to improve as you unlock new characters, levels, and game settings. The simple gameplay just requires you to keep up until others can't because as soon as someone falls behind out of the screen, they are eliminated and a "sudden death" mode is activated. As the screen gets smaller and smaller it is easier to pull away from enemies and get the victory, and with boosters and items the game is hectic but controllable.

The game offers a few different modes for you to sink your teeth into, although the gameplay is the same. The story mode is short, only offering 16 levels although each is on a different map. This will only take you two hours or so, unless you are playing on unfair which will take much longer. The game also offers single match with bots, online, ranked online, custom matches with bots or local players, and a timed practice mode by yourself. There are lots of ways to get better at the game, and even more to show off your skills.

One thing to mention here is that the characters are all reskins and unfortunately some of them are locked off by DLC. This was a little disappointing and surprising to me, but fortunately there are already enough characters for you to play.
There really isn't one major story in this game. In the story mode there are four "chapters" each with a different main competitor for Speedrunner to defeat. The only real story is presented through dialogue boxes at the beginning of each of the 16 levels and comics unlocked by beating each chapter.
Graphics and Sound
SpeedRunners is graphically sound with few issues if any. It runs very well for a fast-paced game, and I never encountered any issues with framerate. The graphics feel fluid and vibrant, perfect for a game of this type. Everything is fast, fluid, and fun.

The game has fairly repetitive sound, for the most part. There are only two songs, one that plays most of the time and one that plays during "sudden death". There isn't much else to say, as the sound effects kept up but weren't fantastic, and the songs themselves aren't trash. The sound doesn't particularly hurt the game, but it doesn't help it either.
SpeedRunners currently has 19 achievements for 1000 gamerscore. 17/19 of the achievements for 770 gamerscore are fairly easy, while the other 230 gamerscore will be tough. The 770 consists of of doing certain attacks or dodging them, or earning enough XP to unlock ranked matches and can easily be boosted with more controllers or a friend. The only two achievements that will give you trouble are defeating the story in unfair difficulty, and earning max XP. Unfair difficulty will take hours of practice, and earning max XP will be a long grind even if you're boosting it. Overall it is a fairly fun list but one that has a steep difficulty curve.

SpeedRunners is a fast, fun competitive game. Being easy to learn and hard to master, the game will challenge you the entire time you play it. The fluid graphics and fun achievement list help it along, although some fairly repetitive sound and DLC characters bring it back. There is a ton to do with many different modes, a high skill ceiling, and lots things to unlock. You'll want to play this one again and again.